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The Ultimate Troubleshooter v4.92

The Ultimate Troubleshooter v4.92 | 23.8 MB

A staggering 65% of problems which a PC encounters, whether in business or at home, are not caused by hardware problems, they are not caused by viruses, they are not caused by spam; they are caused by programs running in the background. We call them Tasks.Yes � Unbelievably, the majority of problems PC users experience in their lifetime are caused purely and simply by background tasks. While you are using Microsoft Word and Excel, or Internet Explorer, or Outlook Express, or when you are simply trying to start your PC, there are at all times programs running in the background, programs that you do not see an icon for on the Taskbar or on your Desktop, and which perform various tasks.The Ultimate Troubleshooter clearly highlights whether particular background tasks iare advertising software, or, worse, software that spies on you.

Key Features:
· Understand everything that is running on your PC in the background : who makes that program, what its purpose in life is, whether you need that program, whether you may need that program, or whether it is downright harmful.
· You will be able to do all this without endlessly going back and forth to our Task List pages � all the information in our Task List pages, and 30% more, is within The Ultimate Troubleshooter, your own portable Task List reference.
· The Ultimate Troubleshooter will clearly highlight whether a particular background task is advertising software, or, worse, software that spies on your PC. Most importantly, The Ultimate Troubleshooter avoids speaking to you in technical jargon in favour of explaining things in Plain Language which both occasional users and professional users will understand.
· You should always use a good antivirus program on your PC. However, even if you do not, as an added bonus The Ultimate Troubleshooter will identify up to 60% of the most common viruses.
· The Ultimate Troubleshooter will tell you clearly what you should do if you do not need a particular background task, and, in most cases, you will be able to disable that task right there within The Ultimate Troubleshooter.
· And there is lots more � if there should be a task which The Ultimate Troubleshooter picks up but for which it has no reference material, it will tell you and you can in turn decide to let us know at a touch of a button, in the exact same manner that our own consultants do when at clients.
· Also, if you want to know what is in your PC, The Ultimate Troubleshooter will tell you everything you need to know about your PC : hard disk, memory, graphics card, modem, network card, motherboard, CPU, etc, etc...
· We have now added a Housekeeping module which performs most of the file system maintenance tasks outlined in our famous "Regular Housekeeping" document. This module will allow you, through a few simple mouse clicks, to unclog your PC of endless temporary files, of left-over data from your Internet sessions, of traces of the web pages you visited, and more, so that you can at all times run a mean and lean PC !
· Corporate and Professional network troubleshooters will also love what we know are the world's best PING, Trace Route, and WHOIS functions. For years we used third party programs for our network troubleshooting assignments but none had all the features we wanted in PING, Trace Route, and WHOIS modules, so we recently developed our own and included all the features we had wanted for so long, and the result is the best that can be found anywhere.

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