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Main » 2010 » March » 13 » Droppix Label Maker v2.9.8.0
5:41 PM
Droppix Label Maker v2.9.8.0

Droppix Label Maker v2.9.8.0 | 29.8 MB

Droppix Label Maker offers you a simple and intuitive solution for creating and printing high-quality DVD and CD labels. With its professional design tools and diverse library of templates, images and fonts, Droppix Label Maker provides an infinite variety of styles for you to use in your creations.Droppix Label Maker works with LightScribe technology as well as most printers available on the market.

Key Features:
· Powerful WYSIWYG graphic creation module
· Shipped with a variety of templates, background images, ClipArt's and fonts
· Import any image or photo (JPG, WMF, PSD, BMP, TIF, GIF and PNG)
· Layer management with transparency adjustment
· Easily import your song information from iTunes or Windows Media Player
· Automatically import CD-Audio information (album title, artist name, cover art, track names) with CD-Text and CDDB support (Online Disc Recognition)
· More than 50 different types of field available to create you own label templates
· Retrieve information from any data disc, disc image or CSV database Simple creation of circular texts
· Support for non-Latin character sets (such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc.)
· Integrated online support and free online upgrades
· 100% free support
· Works with any LightScribe-enabled drive or with any desktop color printer
· Compatible with most CD/DVD printers: Canon Pixma IP series, Epson 900, 960, R200, R300, R320 et R800, Primera, Rimage, etc.

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