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Main » 2010 » February » 13 » Foxit PDF Editor v2.2 Build 0205
4:55 PM
Foxit PDF Editor v2.2 Build 0205

Foxit PDF Editor v2.2 Build 0205 | 4.18 MB

Ever wondered how you can change the content of a PDF document, just like other types of document? You must be frustrated all the time when you try to find a handy and affordable tool that can edit PDF files. The fact was, there was NO such tool available that can edit PDF files like a normal editor.Now, that fact has been changed! Thanks to Foxit PDF Editor, users can finally edit their PDF documents the way they wanted A PDF document consists a number of pages, and on each page, there are a number of visible objects. An object can be a text object which contains a number of text characters, a graph object which contains a number of lines or curves, or an image object which contains colored pixels.Each type of PDF objects has specific attributes that determine how the object looks like. Text objects use fonts to specify how the characters look like, and font sizes to specify how large those characters are. Graph objects have attributes like line width and fill type. All objects have common attributes like position, size, and orientation.

Key Features:
· Open existing PDF document for editing, or create brand new PDF documents;
· Display PDF document in full details, with quality almost matching Adobe® Reader.
· Zoom in and zoom out page display;
· Fast and reliable WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing;
· Insert new pages, delete pages completely;
· Insert new text objects, using embedded or non-embedded fonts;
· Insert lines, and other simple graphic shapes;
· Insert images from bitmap files;
· Delete any type of object from the page;
· Change font, font size, color and other text attributes for text objects;
· Change line width, fill type, color, and other graphic attributes for graph objects;
· Transform any type of objects, including rotation, shearing, scaling, and moving;
· You can make single or multiple selections of page objects, so you can change or delete them by group;
· Undo any type of editing (insert, delete, or change) you have done;
· Copy and paste any type of objects, single or group, from or to any PDF page, within the same document, or between different PDF documents;
· Copy and paste pure text from or to any other Windows applications;
· Copy and paste image from or to any other Windows applications;
· Save modified document into the same PDF file, or another new PDF file.

What's new in Version 2.2:
* Floating Panes. customize your workspace, users can float and move Bookmark Panel and Property Panel to any ideal position of the page, ideal for users for not utilizing the feature or to get it out of the way.
* Finding Text. This feature displays given strings of text from the searched PDF file and highlights the returned matched text. This useful function is fast and easy for users looking for text within a document or an article.
* Navigating with Bookmarks. Navigating through bookmarks is an efficient way for users to link to the target location quickly. To jump to a topic that you are interested, you can just simply click the bookmark.
* Viewing Annotations. The View Annotations function enables users to view the annotations added to the PDF document. Users are able to easily check all the comments by checking the option to "Show Comments” on the status bar of the workspace.
* Rulers and Grids. This feature provides horizontal and vertical rulers and grids to help users align and position objects precisely on the page, as well as measure the dimensions of the shapes. The snap to Grid Function automatically positions text and other objects to the closest intersection of the grids as you place or move them on the page.
* Easier Text Setting Actions. Making Editor more intelligent and user-friendly, users now are able to set the attributes of the text in the "Add new text objects” dialog box directly, including font, color, size, horizontal scale, line gap, etc,. Adding your own text to PDFs is amazingly fast and easy.
* Bug Fixes. Fixed bugs as technical by our inside teams and user feed back.

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